Sturgeon complex «Aquatir» is a unique industrial enterprise on breeding sturgeon fish species and getting black caviar of sterlet, bester, Russian sturgeon and beluga. Cultivation of fish takes place in recirculated system, thus any influence of external factors is excluded. We apply the latest achievements and technologies in sphere of sturgeon breeding that makes our enterprise perfect and ecologically safe and allows getting production of high quality that corresponds to all international standards.

  Our core business is cultivation of sturgeon fish species, getting and processing of black caviar, and also industrial processing and realization of high-quality fish products.

  Productive capacity includes fish-breeding objects of general purpose, processing plant and operation laboratory. Design capacity of a fish-breeding zone is equal to 50-80 tons of commodity fish and 5 tons of caviar a year. Productivity of processing plant is 500 tons of fish production a year in assortment: cooled, frozen, salty fish, fish of cold and hot smoking and preserves.

  Our enterprise is registered in the international organization CITES; in 2011 our enterprise formed a part of NACEE- Network of Aquaculture Centers in Central and Eastern Europe – association of Central and Eastern European aquaculture institutions.

  In 2011 the enterprise has introduced and adopted the precautionary model of the system of safety in food production ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008.

  In same year we registered the innovative project "Full-cyclic Complex on Production and Realization of Sturgeon Fish Species of Fish and its Caviar".

 In 2013 in order to provide the control over the safety of production, we set in operation and accredited a modernized operational laboratory.

 In 2014 "Aquatir" Ltd. during the certification audit confirmed compliance of the management system to the requirements of one of the most comprehensive approaches to food safety system FSSC 22000.

To date, our product range includes more than hundred items of fish products .

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