Sturgeon complex "Aquatir" Ltd uses one of the most effective methods of food production without loss of food value and quality - a method of shock frost.
After such qualitative shock frost, fresh - frozen fish can be stored in the refrigerating chamber long period of time, and after defrostation it keeps all gustatoty, physical and biochemical qualities.


   Frozen fish of special cutting. Piece.
   GOST 17660
   Frozen piece.
   Frozen fish of special cutting. Piece.
   GOST 17660
   Pieces for shashlik.
   Frozen fish kit for soup.
   GOST 21607
  Made from cooled fish.
  No preservatives added.
  GMO - free.
  Ingredients: sturgeon fishes - Beluga.
  Food value in 100 g of the product: Protein - 15,1 g, Fat - 8,9 g.
  Energy value in 100 g of the product is 150 kcal.

  Keep refrigerated at temperature not higher than minus 18ºC, not more than 5   months from manufacturing date.