Bream is the most famous representative of the genus bream of the Cyprinidae family.
Danae fish contain a large amount of valuable protein, which is necessary for the normal operation of all organs.
Protein of flesh bream is absorbed in amount of 91-97%.


At Aquatir Ltd in strict accordance with the current regulatory documents produce:

- Dried bream - GOST 1551
- Cold smoked bream (layer) - GOST 11482
- Cold smoked bream (whole fish)-GOST 11482
- Hot smoked bream - GOST 7447
Please note that the bream from the company Aquatir is a natural smoked fish using only alder firewood (chips), produced in accordance with GOST.
No liquid smoke or other concentrated products! 
And it is in our time and in our market, you will agree, a special value - to taste absolutely natural product.
The ready-made smoked bream has a light salinity, a gentle consistency, contains a large amount of fat. 
Fat in smoked bream is useful, because it is rich in fatty acids. 
The fish gets a shiny golden brown color and a tempting aroma.