Antiseptic and gustatory properties of smoke are used for processing of fish by a method of cold and hot smoking long since.Sturgeon complex "Aquatir" Ltd uses only cold smoking for smoking sturgeon fishes such as bester and beluga according to GOST 6481 since fish of cold smoking is storing within 90 days, in difference from hot smoking (3 days ). Fish of cold smoking is more salty, vacuum packaging is used to extend shelf life of production. Cold smoking of fish proceeds till 5 days at smoke temperature not higher than 40ºC. For smoking dry wood, chips and wood scraps are used, it is preferable trees of hardwood.

белуга копченая.png

Balyk products from sturgeon fishes of cold smoking.
Bester. Pieces of fillet. Fish belly. Chine bone. Kit for beer.
The product is ready for use. Made from cooled fish.
No preservatives added. GMO - free. Vacuum packed.

Ingredients: sturgeon fishes - Beluga, salt.
Food value in 100g of the product - 15,1g, Fat - 8.9g.
Energy value in 100g of the product is 150 kKal.

Keep refrigerated at temperatures from minus 8 to minus 4ºC, not more than 3 months from manufacturing date.