Happy International Women’s Day!

Dear women!
With deep emotion and sincerity we congratulate you with the first spring holiday - Women's Day, the 8th March. We wish you bright spring mood, dizzy love and family wellbeing. Let pleasant moments of this holiday warm your hearts. May you be healthy and please us with your dazzling smiles!
Happiness and good luck in everything!
With love, Sturgeon complex Aquatir.


Happy Defender of the Fatherland.!

Dear men, we congratulate you on the Defender of the Fatherland Day!

We wish you to be on full alert,

have loyal friends in your arsenal,

full wallet, iron will, steel character,

good health, and murderous charisma.

May your loved one be faithful, luck - constant,

courage is inextinguishable, and happiness is endless!


Happy Valentine's Day everyone, our beloved customers!

When love lives in the heart, the world around is beautiful, bright, full of miracles.

Love inspires, inspires, gives hope.

Love really knows how to work miracles.

Let this magical feeling fill your hearts to the brim.

Love to you, tenderness, warmth, beauty and harmony!


Dear customers and visitors of our website!
We remind you that we have developed our new space product

using our original technology, thanks to which we have

received a unique taste.

We are talking about dried caviar.

This delicacy will not leave anyone indifferent.

It is an ideal product to develop your culinary imagination:

it may be a sandwich, salad or even a delicious

ice cream with caviar  topping.

You will become a real gourmet with our dried caviar.


Dear friends and partners!

On behalf of the entire team of our enterprise, please accept my warmest congratulations on Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! May the New 2021 for you and your companies the year will be a year of financial prosperity and confident development.

Let the holiday be cheerful and bright, and the coming year is generous

with bright ideas and profitable projects.

On holidays, we wish you and your loved ones optimism,

prosperity and stability. Let it be light and joyful in your home. Be happy and healthy! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Sincerely yours, Company "Aquatir"


Dear friends!

Our factory was visited by Mikhail Turcan, a well-known wine journalist from the Republic of Moldova, who, under the conditions of quarantine, expands his field of activity and gets acquainted with the most attractive places to visit in our country. I am glad that, albeit due to such difficult circumstances, we finally found time for domestic tourism and began to explore our land.

We remind you that everyone can visit our company, to do this, just go to the Excursions page and download the package description. If you are interested, you can send an application directly from the site or call the phones indicated in the heading. During excursions, all mandatory quarantine measures are observed. An overview of Mikhail's visit will be published on the resource . Keep for updates.


The Defender of the Motherland Day.
Dear men, our congratulations on February 23 — the Defender of the Motherland Day!
We very much appreciate your mighty force, strong defense and incredible endurance. May luck always accompany you along the way, love and prosperity reign in your families, and comfort warms the soul. May all roads lead to happiness and new victories, any undertakings bring an excellent result and a good mood. Let each vertex obeys your courage and perseverance!
Our congratulations!


We inform our clients about the successful start of caviar tours in 2019.
Already today you can buy beluga and Russian sturgeon caviar at a good price for the highest quality delicacies.
The priority for our company is always the quality of products, excellent taste, no preservatives, naturalness, safety and adherence to the original caviar traditions.
Caviar can be bought both wholesale and retail.
For purchasing, you can call the sales department number listed on the website. You can also indicate your phone number in the feedback form, and our employees will immediately call you back. By purchasing caviar produced by Aquatir, you will be satisfied with the quality of the selected product and become our regular customer.


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